Quirky-Cool WORN Fashion Journal

WORN Fashion Journal is a Canadian magazine which just published its 9th issue. It was started by Serah-Marie McMahon and a group of like-minded editorial types after she posted an ad that said, "Do you love fashion but become frustrated with fashion magazines?" That single sentence was a siren call for lots of creative ladies -- and they put together quite the delightful publication. (Fashion blogger Gabrielle Noone, whom we profiled in the fall, is a fan.) Issue 9 includes an article about WWII beauty propaganda (one shampoo ad says, "Hair beauty is a duty too!" and shows a woman in uniform who's still got her hair all set in waves), profiles of two legendarily individualistic fashionistas (Valentina and the scandalous Marchesa Luisa Casati), and a old-school Nancy Drew-inspired photo shoot. Intrigued yet?

You can pick up WORN in its web store, on the etsy site -- the House of Worn -- and in lots of other awesome places.

Wait till you feel the thick paper stock and read the fashion haiku page -- you'll fall in love.