Style Blogger: English Rose

While the world is in full Olympian mode, here in NYC, the Olympics of style are underway with Fashion Week! Today, we've got our own "Fashion Olympian" in 17-year-old style blogger English Rose (that's her writing alias). The London-based teen is up for a Bloggie award this year! Find out more about her: I Heart Daily:Why/when/how did you start blogging? English Rose:  I’d had a pretty crappy year and was in a major rut. I read an article about the rise of fashion bloggers and checked out a few really famous ones such as Style Rookie and Sea of Shoes, and I thought, ‘I could so do this.'  I just took a leap of faith and the rest, as they say, is history. The blog was exactly what I needed, it still is.

IHD: Who are your favorite designers? ER: I like finding quirky, unknown ones, but in the mainstream: Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Dior, Vivienne Westwood to name but a few. All incredibly different, but I think the variety is reflective of my personal style -- sometimes I prefer simplicity and other times I like to take a few more risks.

IHD: What are your favorite places/ways to shop? ER: There is equal love in my heart for vintage, markets, high street and designer shops (shame I don’t yet have the budget for it!). Some of my favourite London haunts are Beyond Retro for vintage, Carnaby Street and Portobello Road for unique, quirky finds and Covent Garden and Oxford Street for everything else.

IHD: What's on your wish list right now? ER: Where do I start?! Realistically I really want a Blackberry and a new camera. Unrealistically, the list is endless: a Chanel bicycle, a Tiffany Key necklace, anything and everything from Marc Jacobs, a pair of Christian Louboutin glittery brogues… I’m drooling thinking about all of this…

IHD: Who are your style muses? ER: In any given week I can channel Alice in Wonderland, Daisy from the Great Gatsby, Katy Perry and Grace Kelly. The girl in bright colours, oozing confidence, walking down the street is just as inspiring as a movie star who has a team of stylists.

IHD: What looks did you like from the spring/summer '10 shows? ER: I’m one of those rebellious ’fashion-types’ who likes to keep on top of trends so that I can avoid them. Having said that, I am quite fond of the whole ‘pretty’ look for spring: pastels, florals, chiffon, ruffles, bows, skirts, vintage tea dresses, etc. Basically very girly which suits my style perfectly and gives me a chance to finally get rid of the baggy hoodies and jeans I’ve been living in this winter. They may be comfy, but stylish they are not!