Super-Amazing Healthy Snack Ideas

Anyone else having a winter eat-fest at home? I think it's time for a healthy snack intervention, so I talked to Girls' Life Senior Editor Katie Abbondanza, who writes a ton about good-for-you stuff, to get some ideas. She was full of them! "Being inside during the winter makes it easy to eat all day," says Katie. "But there are plenty of healthy snacks out there." Her choices:

★Crunchy: You can make some DIY chips by cutting up whole-wheat pitas into triangles. Drizzle them with a teeny bit of olive oil and add garlic powder. Throw ‘em in the toaster oven for a couple minutes, and dip them in salsa. Dipping pepper slices in hummus is also good.

★Hearty: String cheese is great if you are craving queso. I like real foods as snacks, too, like a half of a sandwich or a cup of homemade soup.

★Sweet: Go for apples or bananas with melted peanut butter, Clif’s Z-Bars or whole-wheat frozen waffles with some cut-up fruit. A few years ago,researchers found that hot cocoa has antioxidants in it, so it's a healthy-ish treat, especially if you make it with skim milk. Love it!

I love how Katie hit all of my cravings here. Melted peanut butter? How good does that sound?!