The Perfect Winter Lip Gloss

I'm all about lip stains, lipsticks and chapstick-type products, in case you haven't noticed. But there is one line that's been standing out for me this winter -- TESS. It stands for Teen Everyday Skincare System, and it's created by moms who wanted simple, natural products for their daughters, who are their inspirations for the lines, of course. Let me steer you to a delicious trio of lip glosses ($18) -- Perfect Pout, Lovely Lips and Shimmer Smile strawberry, peach and peppermint, respectively). They not only leave lips awesomely (and not overly) glossy, but they also have hints of flavor that kind of make me want to keep licking my lips. I don't, because that's gross and bad for my lips, but it's nice to think about. You can also purchase the wintry Shimmer Smile individually for $10.

And, just to show they care, TESS is creating Girls 4 Good, a space on the site where girls will share info about how to get involved with charities they love. You can sign up to join them -- and also email them about charities you're into.

Glossy lips + helping the world = YES.