5 Enchanting Soaps

My friend C is known for taking mass quantities of soaps and shampoos anytime he stays in a hotel. Me? I only snag it if the packaging is right. I'm a little bit obsessed with pretty beauty products. Today, I bring you five extraordinary (and affordable) ways to brighten up your bathroom, fancy-soap style. 1. Moon of Pandora Soap, Layla ($4.25, pictured). Yes, this one is Avatar-inspired. It sparkles and swirls and is generally enchanting. (Better than the movie, in my humble opinion.)

2. Large Turtle Soap, Pam Designs ($10). This one's less pretty and more, "Hey! There's a turtle in your soapdish!" Still cool.

3. Petal Soap, PurpleEgg (3 containers for $20). Soft textured petals that wash you clean! Mostly, they look neat.

4. Peas in a Pod Soap, Genesis Body Care ($3.50). Adorable, adorable, adorable. And reminiscent of Anne's brother's Edamames in a Pod blog, about the cutest twins on Earth.

5. Fortune Cookie Soaps, Fortune Cookie Soap ($2.75). These come in a white takeout box with a tiny little fortune tucked into them. And there are dozens of colors (even Kryptonite Glow, which -- as they put it -- glows in the freaking dark!).