Adventures in Dollar Store DIY

There's something super exciting about dollar stores. All that colorful merchandise waiting to be had for a few measly bills? It thrills. And now there's a blog that tells you just what to do with the silly bird figurines or rainbow pencils or bags of felt you picked up: Dollar Store Crafts. Here are three ideas I love from this site (all of them cost less than $2 to make!):

Felt Flower Corsage (pictured). Sooooo much more fun than buying a rose to pin on your date's chest. The site says that this is a wrist corsage for girls (guys, crafty ladies will swoon for this -- trust us) but we think you could also use it as a boutonnière and get big DIY points.

Eraser Ring. Yes, this involves a lot of erasing and a drill, but you're left with a perfectly pink piece of jewelry. Sweet.

Buckle Headband. I am always looking for inspiring new headbands, and this one -- with its felt-and-ink style -- has won me over.

Check out the site for more ideas, like an Anthropologie-inspired bird and a standout flower necklace.