Chyna Lane's "Precious" Hearts...

If you watched the Oscars last night, you saw Mo'Nique win the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Precious. Melissa and I saw Precious together and it was an amazing and brutal film that left us speechless. But there was a supporting character that stood out to us -- Rhonda, played by Chyna Lane, who was a brief reprieve of comedic delight with her sassy attitude and spunk. A native of Brooklyn, NY, Chyna has mad style, so you better listen to what she says. Here's what she's hearting!

Luxe Link. "It's a cute little compact, ultra-sleek medallion that you can carry around in your purse – well, it looks like a medallion until you open it up and it transforms into a hook with a super magnet. At a restaurant, you simply place the magnet on the edge of a table, let the hook dangle and hang that cute little hot pink Marc Jacobs bag of yours on the hook instead of putting it on the floor!"

Bamboo earrings. "Some girls wear studs or cute lil' huggies as their standard earrings. Me? My heart-shaped bamboo or over-sized doorknockers are my everyday ear candy! Bamboo earrings are a must-have for every round-the-way girl. Doorknockers, heart-shaped, oval-shaped, star-shaped or round twisted then personalize it with your nickname and pop on your lipgloss!! OMG!! Too cute!!

People’s Pride Jeans by Carlyle Hanson. "This is one of the best denim lines I have ever worn!! I call these my magic jeans. They just fit sooooo perfectly!! My faves are the high-waisted skinnies. Slip ‘em on with the highest pair of heels in your closet, a simple lil tank and fierce lil cropped leather jacket. Grab that clutch and head for the door!"