Cold-Weather Workouts Worth Doing

Last month, Girls' Life Senior Editor Katie Abbondanza gave us Super-Amazing Healthy Snack Ideas, and now she's back to talk about the other part of that balanced-life puzzle: exercise. It's the tail end of winter, and I'm still not willing to get out in the cold to work out. I want to wait for spring. But Katie won't let me.

"You definitely don’t need a pricey gym membership to work out during cold weather," says Katie. Here are some ideas for at-home action:

★ "Get a deck of playing cards. Assign each suit with an exercise (squats for hearts, lunges for spades, etc.). Draw a card and do as many moves as the face shows (a seven of hearts means you'd do seven squats). Reassign the moves after 10 minutes, and make sure to warm up and cool down."

★ "Try jumping rope in your garage, ice skating at a local rink (with a hat and cute mittens, I swear you won't be cold!), or dropping into a Zumba or kung fu classes at a community center or the Y. Some places let you try a couple classes for a reduced rate (or even for free!) if you’re new."

★ "Workout DVDs or videos on Hulu or On-Demand -- even the cheesy ones -- are a fun way to mix it up on your own schedule. Yoga, boxing and anything by Jillian Michaels are my faves. Just get ready to be a little sore... in a good way, of course."

Thanks, Katie! I actually tried the playing cards idea this weekend, and it's pretty fun. I made the royal cards mean 10 reps, then I played a round of Solitaire post workout. Bonus. I vouch for Bicycle classics (pictured), but if you're into stylish decks, check out Delight's sleek Black or White set.