Josh Shipp: Choosing Your Perfect Prom Date

Last year, the venerable Josh Shipp -- advice-slinger extraordinaire -- shared some Valentine's Day gifting wisdom. This year, we bugged him for some thoughts on the dos and don'ts of asking someone to Prom: "Josh Shipp here. It's that time of year again, so I have few guidelines for when to say yes and when to save yourself the trouble of a miserable, awkward, the-photos-are-everywhere-as-a-reminder, lame Prom date.

"You should probably bring the NO if: ✖ He looks at anything other than your face when asking you out. ✖ He calls you by anything other than your name. ✖ He uses a stupid pick-up line instead of a normal human sentence. (For the record, 'Girl, you must be tired, 'cause you've been running through my mind all day' is NOT clever or cute. It's lame.) ✖ He treats other girls disrespectfully. If he's a jerk to someone else… he'll be a jerk to you.

"Consider saying Yes if:

 ♥He's all smiles. If the guy looks genuinely excited to be with you, that's a good sign that he's not a selfish bore. ♥He's confident without being cocky. ♥He treats you and other girls with respect.

"And if the person you WISH would ask you seems to be dragging his or her feet, send them the video below as a hint. Some people just needs a little nudge to boost their confidence. Good luck! Choose wisely."

Thanks, Josh! Josh is the author of The Teen's Guide to World Domination (August 2010, St. Martins Press) and all around cool guy. You can get more of his glorious advice at