Alice In Wonderland Goes Goth

Melissa and I are catching a matinee of Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland  today (starring Johnny Depp -- woot!). To aide your Mad Hatter fix, we suggest getting your hands on the new edition of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures In Wonderland illustrated by the talented Camille Rose Garcia. Her vivid, goth-inspired interpretation of the story brings a whole new element to the classic tale about going down the rabbit hole. And guess what? One lucky I Heart Daily reader will win a copy of the book, along with an awesome tote bag and signed and numbered exclusive lithograph of one of Garcia's illustrations. All you have to do is sign up for the newsletter before March 17th and you'll be automatically entered -- yay! (If you're already subscribed, you're automatically entered. Go here for official rules.)

Now, here's a Q&A with the artist herself:

I Heart Daily: Has this always been one of your favorite books? Camille Rose Garcia: It has definitely been a favorite since childhood. I collect children's books and I have four copies of Alice in Wonderland. This story just lends itself to such rich visual interpretation, the landscapes and situations are so surreal.

IHD: Did you feel pressure to do the story justice since it's such a treasured piece of literature? CRG: Yes, I think that was the hardest part -- how to honor the original Tenniel illustrations and trying not to veer too far from the familiar. It's hard to even come close to the original Tenniel illustrations, because they are so iconic. My strategy was to make the illustrations familiar enough to the originals, but to really go wild with the color.

IHD: Do you have a favorite scene from the story? CRG: I really love The Lobster Quadrille, where the Mock Turtle is describing this dance they do where they throw lobsters into the ocean. Since that scene was never illustrated in the original, I was able to do a totally original take on that one. I put a narwhal in the background, and some of the sea creatures have little umbrellas.

IHD: Besides Alice In Wonderland, what are you hearting right now? CRG: Well, the books I'm loving right now are the Twilight series. I just finished the first one and I'm hooked! I listen to all kinds of music, but right now I am very into the Dead Weather, Them Crooked Vultures, and Spinnerette. I also love some mellow stuff like Bon Iver and Iron & Wine.

IHD: Who is your favorite character from Alice In Wonderland? CRG: The Mock Turtle -- he is just so sad and pathetic, nothing really to love about him, I think that's why I like him. I always go for the underdogs!

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