Recycling Old Sweaters into New Loves

Sometimes you get attached to an old sweater -- even if it has holes in it and smells weird and doesn't quite fit right because it's been stretched out or washed the wrong way or just plain worn too much. We understand. So does Reknit. Each month, they unravel and recycle your sweaters to re-knit them into a different item for $30. Coming up in April? Laptop sleeves! The site's creator, Haik, explains that his mom is the one who will turn your old sweater into a new laptop case. His mom obviously can't do a million of these, so only the first 30 people to order get the goods.

See how today is March 31st? That's us planning ahead. Click on Reknit around midnight tonight or early tomorrow morning, because Haik's mom's services sell out fast.

View a gallery of past made items here (like the fingerless gloves pictured above -- so cute!). And when you go to Reknit's site don't forget to vote (in the bottom bar) on what Haik's mom should make next!