Smell Like A Sophisticated Cupcake

Maybe it's because of my penchant for tasty treats and baking -- I l-o-v-e vanilla scented products. But! There is a fine line between smelling like a cupcake and giving off a sophisticated sugary scent. Here are five scrumptious products that will satisfy your sweet tooth (nose?) without giving you a cavity. 1. Pure Vanilla, The Healthy Body Butter, La Vanila ($10). Smells good + paraben-free + no toxic chemicals = awesome lotion.

2. Lip Lites Vanilla Swirl, Bonnie Bell ($3.50). Do you know what the best thing about vanilla lip gloss is? Your mouth is right underneath your nose so you can inhale the delicious scent (refrain from sticking the wand up your nostril). This gloss by Bonnie Bell leaves a shimmery sheen on your pucker.

3. Vanille Citrus Eau de Toilette Spray, Comptoir Sud Pacifique ($20). I love all of Comptoir Sud Pacifique's vanilla-tinged fragrances. One whiff of this citrus blend will transport you to land of orange creamsicles. (Note: this usually costs $53! Stock up!)

4. Love Etc... Body Wash, The Body Shop ($15). If you close your eyes while showering with this jasmine, vanilla and sandlewood scented body wash, you might think you're in a bakery located on a tropical island. Dreams can come true.

5. Vanilla Lace Refreshing Body Mist, Victoria's Secret ($9.50). Spray this on and you'll be turning heads and noses.