Ava Anderson, 16, Teen Beauty CEO

How many of you can say you started your own beauty line before you learned to drive? Hmm. No hands? Well, at the age of 15, Ava Anderson accomplished this amazing goal, launching Ava Anderson Non-Toxic. It's the first skin care line where every ingredient used scores a big body-friendly zero on the Cosmetics Database scale -- a scientific source that gives a score of 0-10 based on an ingredient's potential health risks.

When she was 14, Ava found out that many cosmetic products labeled "organic" and "natural" still contained ingredients hazardous to your body, so she set out to do something about it: "Developing an alternative became an obsession for me.... At the very least, I hope Ava Andersen Non-Toxic will make people more aware of hidden dangers and encourage them to make safer choices."

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic has six products: cleanser, toner, moisturizer, exfoliator, sugar lip scrub, and eye makeup remover. They all smell wonderfully fresh and leave your skin feeling soft and healthy. And I must admit, knowing the products are 100% non-toxic makes everything more fun to use. (Of course, who knows what's in that can of Diet Coke I just drank? Baby steps.)

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