Hear(t) It: Care Bears on Fire

I saw Care Bears on Fire play at Barnes & Noble during a reading by Blake Nelson (whose last book we love!). Rockstars + books = awesome. The Brooklyn-based trio consists of (L to R): Jena, 15 (bass), Sophie, 14 (vocals and guitar) and Izzy, 14 (drums). Their latest album, Get Over It, will make you stand up and shout. Izzy and Sophie started playing music together in 4th grade: "At that point our rehearsals mostly consisted of throwing beanie babies at each other and eating sour candy," says Izzy. A year later, they played their first gigs. These girls are fantastic, and they agreed to an interview, to which I say: We're not worthy!

IHD: What inspires you guys to write music? SOPHIE: I am inspired by everything that I think is interesting, weird, cool, stupid, scary, evil, boring... it goes on forever! We also like to write about things we want to comment on, like in our song "Barbie Eat A Sandwich." This song is about how we think that the image of Barbie as the "ideal" girl is totally ridiculous because nobody could ever be that, and there are so many other important things for girls to do and to be.

IHD: Does everyone at school worship you, or are they like, "whatever"? IZZY: Haha, no we are definitely not worshipped at school. Our friends are supportive and cool but they know us so well as people that band stuff doesn't faze them. In middle school, people were definitely more ''whatever." We missed school to play SXSW and all anyone could talk about when we got back was how we missed the math fair.

IHD: Favorite song of yours that's in your current set, and why? IZZY: It is really hard to pick a favorite but we like "Song About You" and "Everybody Else" because they have an amazing intense energy when you play them live. "Violet" is a song I like because a lot of people respond to it -- it’s about depression. Songs with a message are my favorites because one can really see how they affect people's lives, and there is no better feeling that knowing that you impacted someone.

IHD: Quick inspiration board: Tell us what you're hearting right now. JENA: Girl by Blake Nelson. Just Kids by Patti Smith -- a lot of it reads like poetry and she and her music are a huge influence on us. Lately, I've been listening to Adam and The Ants, The Runaways, Arctic Monkeys, The Smiths, Japanther, My Bloody Valentine... I'm loving Alison Mosshart lately. Oh, and we love Edie Sedgwick. Izzy and I went thrifting in Brooklyn last weekend and we got this great cheetah print faux fur coat that we are both slightly obsessed with at the moment. It's been living at my house for a week and we'll have to see if she ever gets it from me.

How cool are these girls? Watch them give Barbie some helpful advice: