Hear(t) It: Supercute!

Supercute? Supercute! If a band's name ever adeptly described its music, it is NYC-based group, Supercute! (yes, the exclamation point is part of the name... name!).

Rachel Trachtenburg, 15, June Lei, 13, and Julia Cumming, also 13, are a ukulele wielding, keyboard playing, guitar strumming trio that plays super catchy, super fun, super original songs (I'm going to run with the "super" theme).

Supercute! is indie-rock at its best -- effortlessly quirky, charmingly lo-fi, and über addictive. The song "Not To Write About Boys," tells the story of two band members crushing on the same guy: "We vowed as a band not to write about boys/It seems all that they ever do is lie and annoy/We have far too many things to do/Friendship's the only one that's really true." That's right. The dude got the boot.

These girls are currently on tour opening up for Kate Nash, so seriously check them out if they're strolling through your town. Did we mention Rachel hula hoops while singing? Yup -- superawesome!