Postcard + Garden = PostCarden

Tomorrow is Earth Day! By now, you're familiar with all the important basics: always recycle, don't use plastic bags, and carry around a reusable water bottle. We know you're eco-savvy that way. So, let's skip Being Green 101 and get to something more fun...

The PostCarden ($13) is an amazingly designed postcard that pops up into an architectural structure. It comes with its own packet of seedlings that you sprinkle and water so that soon you will have your own miniature garden that can sit on your desk or window sill. You can grow a botanical garden, an urban landscape, or tend to your very own overgrown backyard.

There's nothing more green-friendly than growing something, so here's to the beginnings of all you budding botanists...via snail mail.

Watch this 30-second stop-motion video on how your Postcarden garden will grow!