Read It: Books About Popular Girls (Trust us!)

Often, books cast popular girls as the villains, while the quirky-cool heroines emerge victorious in high school hallways. We are all for that type of book, as you know. But we've found three books that put the popular girl in the spotlight, and each one (eventually) made us fall in love with the Queen Bee. Check out these spring reads:

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver (HarperCollins). A-list hot girl Samantha Kingston dies (don't worry! Not a spoiler!) and then starts reliving the day of her death over and over. Each time she relives the day, Sam finds out more and more about her friends, the people around her at school, her family, and ultimately herself. You may start out disliking her, but don't worry -- Sam grows on you in a beautiful and heartbreaking way.

Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers (St. Martin's Griffin). This book outlines the pitfalls of the in-crowd in a shocking way that will have you feeling like you've been kicked in the stomach along with Regina Afton, a formerly popular girl who's been ousted by her so-called best friends. The brutal immediacy of Some Girls Are is riveting (and the emotional honesty at its core makes it well worth the beaten-up feeling I mentioned).

The Exile of Gigi Lane by Adrienne Maria Vrettos (Margaret K. McElderry). This one is pure fun -- sparkly popularity characterizations and a love-to-hate-her main character, Gigi, who'll make you laugh out loud as you watch her fall from grace.