Read This Now: Traced Comics

Growing up can be embarrassing, confusing and downright mortifying, but with the right perspective, it can also be pretty hilarious. Tracy White, the artist behind Traced comics, perfectly balances these emotional elements, telling autobiographical stories based on her experiences growing up in NYC.

From dying her hair orange with hydrogen peroxide to losing her virginity to tattoos and piercings and her first kiss, no coming-of-age tale is untouched. The drawings are simple, and the writing is unflinchingly honest and raw, making you feel like you're sharing her experiences as you click through each of her drawings.

I read her comics laughing, groaning and giving an empathetic sigh to each of her stories. The best part of Traced is that it doesn't gloss over the ugly parts of growing up, but ultimately -- as our mothers have told us -- what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger... and perhaps, in Tracy's case, way funnier.