Reader Question: Cute and Comfy Heels?

Today's reader question comes from I Heart Daily devotee Ty, who asks: "I have this problem, I'm super tall! I can never find any cute and comfortable heels that won't make me look like a total giant! Can you help, please?" Well, I think you should own your tallness, but as a person who stands at a mere 5' 3", I've never had to think about being too tall. So, I consulted my RTF (Resident Tall Friend), Valerie, who agreed -- there is a shortage of low heels that are both cute and comfortable. With some RTF guidance, here are some pairs that match all criteria!

1. In Stitches Heel ($35, pictured). Not only do I like mustard on my hot dogs, but I also like it on my shoes -- well, the color mustard that is. With white stitching accent, these open toed pumps are perfect for spring. Pretty pretty pretty!

2. Seychelle Rita ($94). One of my favorite shoe trends is the cutout oxford. It's part sandal, part shoe and in heel form -- part pump!  This pair has a 2 3/4" sturdy heel, that won't make you walk all wibbly wobbly.

3. Rocket Dog Lisbon Sandal ($39.50). With its low wedge heel, this pair will become your go-to everyday summer sandal. Perfect with jean shorts, a floral skirt or a flouncy dress.

4.Deena & Ozzy Canvas Heel ($30, sale). The essential heel for your closet. Its basic shape is so classic that it goes with anything, and its chunky 3" heel gives you enough support for a confident strut. Work it.

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