Teen Entrepreneur: Ashley of WhateverLife

You guys probably know about WhateverLife, a site that was started in 2004 by Ashley Qualls at the age of 15. Well, it's morphed from a profile design page to a social network for artists and a generally fun destination for everyone. Ashley, now 19, attends college to study Metaphysical Sciences these days -- in addition to working on WhateverLife. We asked her to chat with us about her business savvy, and she said yes! I Heart Daily: How did WhateverLife start? Ashley Qualls: I have been tinkering with websites since I was nine. By the time I was 15 I was selling crafts online and I registered WhateverLife.com, meaning whatever life you lead. I saw that MySpace was big but there were no "cute" designs for girls, so I began researching the MySpace layout coding and building and sharing layouts. That's it! It grew through my friends, their friends... and so on!

IHD: How has the site changed? AQ: It has gone through hundreds of redesigns, we've added writers, we have had contests, etc. And now we run our own Artist Social Network on WhateverLife where you can still get the layouts and graphics but also win things, buy virtual items, and more.

IHD: What advice would you give to teenage entrepreneurs? AQ: Go for it! Don't let anyone doubt you. Be creative, and remember: ALWAYS have fun!

IHD: Lightning round! What are you hearting right now? AQ: Well, I'm loving "Nip/Tuck," though it just ended... and I've got to say, I'm into the Twilight saga now, thanks to my sister in law!! Hah. I'm also loving Michael Buble's new CD, and Jack Johnson's old ones.

You heard Ashley: Go for your dreams! (And read Twilight, naturally.)