5 Seriously Stripey Items

At a picnic this weekend, my friends and I could have been a page in a catalog for stripes (and, no, we did not plan this). Inspired by our accidental matchy-matchy, here are five stripey pieces destined for your closet:

Stripe Sharkbite Tank, Wet Seal ($16.50, pictured). This tank, plus cut-offs and flip-flops, will be my summer uniform.

Trista Striped Dress, Delia*s ($35.50, on sale). Stripes are inherently nautical, but this knit number looks especially good on the beach, in a boat, or riding "Pirates of the Carribean." Ahoy, matey!

Boatneck Striped Top, Forever 21 ($10.50). Everyone needs a couple of basic striped shirts in their arsenal, and at only $10.50, why not get one of these in each color?

Striped Tote, Old Navy ($8, on sale). For those days when you just need a little splash of stripey flair, swing this canvas tote over your shoulder.

Full Woven Skirt, American Apparel ($38). Just because the weather's heating up doesn't mean you can't look like a candy cane. This red and white striped a-line skirt will automatically make you twirl. Just remember to spot so you don't get dizzy and fall over.