Cute Sunglasses Under $35

Sunglasses are pretty much the summer accessory. It's sunny. You don't want to squint or burn out your cornea. AND you want to look cute! Here are five pairs that will add to your hot-weather steez: ♥ Sweetheart Sunnies, Fred Flare ($11, pictured). It's no secret that we're fond of hearts, so of course we gravitated toward this heart-shaped pair.

Angel Eyes Sunglasses, ModCloth ($12). These big alabaster frames with gold accents make a serious statement. They're the perfect touch to complete a mod-inspired outfit.

 ♥  Cheap Monday Round Sunglasses, Tobi ($35). Super cute in clear pink, these glasses have a classic shape -- they could be your go-to sunblockers.

♥  Mass Wayfarer, Urban Outfitters ($18). Look geek chic in these horn-rimmed, vintage-inspired tortoise shell shades.

Cateye Sunglasses, American Eagle ($15.50). If classy is your thing, call upon your inner Audrey Hepburn and try these black cateye frames -- you'll look mahvelous.


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