5 Unique Rings for Summer

Sometimes you want your hands to have a personality of their own. A good nail color helps, and so does the right ring. Here are five finger accessories that are worthy of your awesome summer plans: Athena Ring, We Dream in Color, ($22, pictured). Total goddess jewelry, at a mortal price.

Ice Cream Scoop Ring, evenemi ($5). Choose Neapolitan, Bubble Gum or Blackberry and flaunt your sweet hand dessert.

Arrow Wrap Ring, Fred Flare ($8). This ring says: "I'm girly but also good with weapons." It's very Maid Marian.

Flower CZ Cocktail Ring, Overstock ($30). There are nights when you just want to bring the sparkle. Do it! This ring shines like the top of the Chrysler building.

Nerd Owl Ring, Wet Seal ($6). People, this owl is wearing glasses. They are wise, professorial birds. (Love the stretch beaded band, too.)

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