Classic Novels Starring You!

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Romeo & Juliet, Robin Hood, Pride & Prejudice... classics. These are books you can turn to again and again for amazing adventures and miraculous worlds. And now you can star in these stories with your friends and family! Let me try to explain this coolness:

Getting Personal, a UK company, will print the book with your name (or whoever's name you want) as the main character. You can also choose to rename all the other characters in the manuscript, thus casting your friends (and frenemies?) in roles that fit them. How awesome is this?!

You can also add your name to the byline, so my book cover can read: Melissa's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll and Melissa Walker.

I am smitten! I want to buy these as presents for like every friend I have. Also, the covers are totally great looking (like these re-covered Penguin Classics at Anthropologie).

You can get Wonderland at Fred Flare ($34, pictured), but there are only a few left, so hurry! The rest, you can order directly from the UK. Start thinking about whom you'll cast as your Mr. Darcy, people. There are serious decisions to be made.

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