Girls Playing Football? You betcha!

I played flag football in high school. It was called the "Powder Puff Tournament," and it was a one-off game that pitted the girls in each class grade against each other. It was pretty awesome; all of a sudden, I understood why my guy friends loved playing and watching football. So it's no surprise to me that flag football is the fastest-growing girls' varsity sport in Florida. The New York Times reports that nearly 5,000 girls are playing statewide. Nothing like throwing around the ole pigskin and kicking some ass!

But controversy over the sport has been brewing. Some say schools are using the popularity of flag football to close the gender gap between female and male athletes in high school sports (so as to be compliant with Title IX). What's wrong with that? Well, the naysayers claim flag football is a dead-end sport, because unlike women's basketball and soccer, no professional outlet exists.

Seriously though: let's leave politics out of the equation for a moment. If girls are having fun playing a sport, then let them play. Simple as that. Sheesh, adults always gotta make things so complicated.