Give Your Hair Great Body

I have long been a fan of Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray. It gives your hair that on-the-beach curl -- wild and windblown and devil-may-care gorgeous, but without the saltwater. Definitely try it. Recently, however, I've stumbled upon a product I like just as much -- Pre Game Texturizing Spray by The All Nighter. This one gives my limp hair a bit of a lift, but in a straight, piecey way (as opposed to the curly wildness that Surf Spray creates).

Both of these potions are excellent for making do-nothing hair, well, do something. And if you're one of those girls with thick hair and curls who doesn't need any more body, all I have to say is: I'm jealous.

Fine-haired girls, this one's for you.

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