Indie Crafter du Jour: Temika of The Brash Lady

If you like bold brass jewelry or Inspector Gadget (or both!), The Brash Lady's etsy shop is for you. Designer Temika was obsessed with both The Neverending Story and Ancient Egypt as a child, and she took a gazillion creative classes -- pottery, woodworking, painting, photography, welding, art history and auto body! -- that gave her the skills to create super-cool jewelry. Her etsy shop? It's pirate steampunk in love. Here are some of our favorites:

Of Sands and Time Necklace ($28, pictured). This hourglass, hung from an extra-long sweater-chain necklace (pick your style), actually counts down 8 seconds! (It's handy at a bull-riding competition.)

Cannon Ball Earrings ($18). Oxidized black brass makes for ear lockets a pirate queen would love. (Put photos in them!)

The Watcher Necklace ($28). It's a brass spyglass telescope on a 32" chain. And yes, it works!

Midnight Tea Earrings ($15). One teapot, one teacup, one pair of earrings that Alice in Wonderland's dark side would love.

My Black Heart Key Earrings ($15). The sweet heart-keys are made of oxidized brass, for a little edge.

The whole shop is a delight to look through (don't miss these miniature Golden Locket Earrings, $14).

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