Make Your Own Candy!

"Who can take tomorrow... dip it in a dream?" This Willy Wonka song has been in my head today because I am the CandyWoman! That's right. I made my own gummy candies today. It ruled. Glee Gum produces these fun candy-making kits ($13), and I tried the one where you make your own gummies! I ended up with a few wobbly, bright magenta candies that -- despite their imperfect shapes -- tasted amazing. The kit comes with sour mix, so you can go the Sour Patch Kids route if you want. I didn't have the best molding tools (I just used the back of a teaspoon), so I got little round gummy drops. But if you have a bendy straw to make worms or a tiny bear to make, you know, gummy bears, then you're all set.

The best part about these kits? The ingredients are all natural (no gelatin -- which is made from boiled animal bones, ick). The jelly part of Glee's gummies are made from carrageenan, a substance extracted from seaweed -- and you actually extract it in the making-candy process!

This is a feel-good summer activity, people. I'm ready to try the chocolate and chewing gum kits. (Even sugar connoisseur Anne liked my gummies!) Care to join me in Candyland?

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