Ooh! Fun Things To Do This Summer

Summer is cool, but it can also get kinda boring if you don't have a lot planned. Done with the couch sitting? That's where ooh.com comes in. The site finds quirky and unique activities going on all around the world! With just a quick search I found food foraging tours (think finding salad ingredients in the woods),  beekeeping classes (they throw in lunch and a "hive tool" -- which sounds mysterious and awesome), and a shoe college (learn how to make high heels).

The site's creators believe that "it's the individuals -- wacky, clever and creative -- who make unique experiences so great." They strive to find people who are "independent and passionate about their thing." We are all about that.

Check out the map and find out what's happening near you. Who knows? You may just be the next great beekeeper of Illinois!

More stuff to do this summer:

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