Revolutionize Your Shower Experience

This is the only, and probably last, beauty "advice" I ever got from my dad (I get a lot from my mom). Growing up, there was always a little round hard plastic brush in the shower. My dad used it to massage his scalp when he shampooed, because he had dandruff and it helped with his dry, itchy skin (sorry for outing you, Dad!) However, I started using this little wonder product for my long hair. First, it feels amazing to really massage your head with the hard nubs (it gets your scalp really clean!). Plus, after you shampoo and condition, you can get all the tangles out of your hair in the shower, resulting in a super straight, knot-free mane.

After reading some of the glowing reviews of this product, I found that the massage action stimulates blood flow, causing your hair to grow faster. And, this is my favorite aspect of the brush: it has a finger loop, so it's perfect for when you don't want to mess up your freshly manicured nails! This colorful six-pack will only set you back $3.99.

Your shower routine will never be the same.