The Best Hair Ties for Summer

It's starting to get hot, and that makes me want to pull my hair off of my neck and scoop it into a cute braid or ponytail. So I've been hunting for the perfect fasteners. Here are a few standouts: Linen Ponytail Holders, Gazzu ($10.50 for 4, pictured). Does anything sound more summery than linen hair ties? These beauties are handcrafted with ribbon over natural-linen-covered buttons.

Beaded Ponytail Holders, Shains, ($4.50 for 6). These come in a rainbow of colors and with changeable icon beads, plus they're made of recycled and recyclable materials!

Crochet Ponytail Holders, namolio ($8.75 for 2). Crochet is in for summer, and these adorable, homemade hair ties are the perfect way to incorporate the trend.

Bunny Ponytail Holders, Fun & Lovely ($7.95 for 2). These are marketed as "baby girl" accessories, but come on -- the bunnies are badass. We'd be proud to sport them all summer.

And don't forget our friends at EmiJay, teen girls who are making their own non-denting hair ties -- these are the first ones I reach for every day.