3 Post-Beach Essentials

I just spent a week on the beach soaking up the sun (covered in SPF products, naturally). Though I thought I'd hit the sand well prepared -- good book, chapstick, sunscreen, iPod -- including post-beach products in my bag regretfully slipped my mind. After a dip in the salty ocean, you need to freshen up before you head to lunch or dinner (or ice cream!). Don't make the same mistake I did -- put these three items in your bag! So Sexy Instant Detangler, Victoria's Secret ($14). The saltiness of the ocean feels kind of amazing, but it really does a doozy on your hair (there's a difference between "sexy beach hair" and "tangled mess of doom"). This spray from Victoria's Secret contains silicone to loosen the gnarls, and is enriched with chamomile and vitamin B. Not to mention it smells great!

Biore Daily Cleansing Cloths, Drugstore.com ($11). As much as sunblock is necessary, after a few applications and sweating it out on the beach, your skin inevitably gets a little sticky/greasy. These pre-moistened wipes from Biore are a quick and easy way to get the residue off your face and body.

Evian Mineral Water Spray, Sephora ($10). The sun dehydrates you, but a few spritzes of this mineral spray will help re-moisturize your beach-skin -- and its fine mist feels amazing!