Bella Should Have Dumped Edward

Eclipse opens today. (Team Jacob!) Oh, sorry, I got distracted. Anyway, Michelle Pan, 20, is the webmaster behind and author of the new fanbook Bella Should Have Dumped Edward. She stopped by to chat about all things Twilight. I Heart Daily: What inspired you to start the site? Michelle Pan: It was for my own entertainment purposes -- I was 13 and looking for something to do with my spare time. I had been doing web design for about a year and I had just read Twilight that summer (2006). I went online and found that there weren't many Twilight fansites, so I started my own. I never expected the site to get so big!

IHD: What's your favorite part about operating the site? MP: My favorite part is interacting with the fans. I started BellaAndEdward.combecause I wanted to find a place where I could talk to other people who were as crazy as I was about the Twilight saga. I have, without a doubt, achieved that goal! I enjoy knowing that my website serves as an online community and gathering place (in a sense) for Twilighters. Of course, I also love to attend the Twilight premieres and talk to the cast and crew on the red carpet!

IHD: What is your book, Bella Should Have Dumped Edward, about, and what's the story with that title? MP: My book is a Twilight fan debate book. I asked many questions relating to the controversial topics in the Twilight saga and fans submitted their responses. I then compiled them into a book and wrote my own opinions on the topics. Contrary to what everyone thinks, I don't actually believe that Bella should have dumped Edward! The title was meant to be an attention-getter (since this is a book about the debates surrounding the Twilight saga, it seemed to be fitting). I am actually Team Edward, but I still like Jacob as a friend for Bella.

IHD: What are you hoping for/expecting from Eclipse? MP: From what I've seen in the movie previews, this one looks like it's going to be a lot darker than the previous two. That's a good thing because the Eclipse book is a lot more action-packed and intense than both New Moon and Twilight. I'm just going to walk into the movie theater hoping for a movie that stays true to the book.

Thanks, Michelle! Watch some of her Eclipse premier footage (she interviews Stephenie Meyer!) below: