Chelsea Krost, 17, Hosts Teen Talk Live Radio

National radio personality and teen advocate Chelsea Krost created her own show two years ago at the age of 17, and she talks to millions of teenage girls about issues like body image, sexting and substance abuse on her weekly radio show Teen Talk Live with Chelsea Krost. In the summer of 2009, Chelsea coordinated a philanthropic Teen Talk Live “Mission to Africa,” traveling to Nairobi, Kenya to hand-deliver hundreds of feminine hygiene product donations. This is good stuff. We had to talk to her.

I Heart Daily: What inspired you to create the radio show?

Chelsea Krost: TV Production became my favorite class in high school, and I took a strong interest in reporting the school news. I was such a lover of Oprah, Ellen and The View, yet so annoyed that every time they spoke about teen-related topics, teenagers never had input into what they were discussing. I thought the younger generation needed an open platform to voice their opinion, discuss important issues, have fun, and learn from one another. So I started brainstorming the concept for a radio talk show and presented the idea to a local station. I was soon the youngest host on their network.

IHD: You've talked about cyber bullying on your show. What do you think can be done to help stop this phenomenon?

CK: It's important to educate teens about the effects of internet bullying. I think the problem is so severe because people don't realize the impact it can have on an individual. Cyber bullying can be just as detrimental to someone as a punch in the face. Teenagers need to be very aware of what they put on the internet and how they interact with others.

IHD: Tell me a little bit about the Mission to Africa.

CK: My mission focused on female hygiene care and Kotex was a sponsor -- they donated hundreds of sanitary napkins to the women in need. I took along a CBS and Fox camera and I documented each slum, orphanage, and safari journey we went on. The networks debuted my footage every Wednesday for four weeks. The mission is an ongoing process -- we keep in touch with many of the orphanages we visited. It opened my eyes to devastation, poverty, helping others, strength, the will to survive, and the beautiful lands of Kenya.

IHD: Very cool. Lightning Round time: Name a few things you are hearting right now.

CK: I am a very healthy person and love, love, love going to the gym. I recently have taken an interest in journaling; writing out my thoughts at the end of the day is such a good stress reliever. My favorite TV shows are Glee and Grey’s Anatomy. My confession is that I really need to read more -- the only series I have started and finished was Twilight so a goal of mine over summer is to dive into a meaty book. I'm thinking about Eat, Pray, Love, so then I can see the movie!

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