Cut Arts: Own Your Silhouette

These silhouette cutouts (pictured) are an indelible memory from my childhood. One of me and my brother hung proudly in our hallway for many, many years. So when I found Cut Arts -- a shop that custom-makes these unique "portraits" -- I let out a little yelp of joy. (Yay!)

Karl Johnson is the "master scissor artist" behind Cut Arts, and for a small fee you can possess your very own personal silhouette! Just send in a profile photo of your desired subject, and Karl gets handy with his shears. Your basic "bust" starts at $25, and the cost goes up from there. (For a little history on the origins of this art form go here.)

These cutouts are a super neat and original gift idea for a friend, a loved one, or a family member. Karl will cut out most anything, so get one done with your BFF, your cats, even your pair of favorite shoes... the possibilities are endless!