Get Clear Summer Skin

Not to get all gross and personal, but in the summer, I tend to break out on my forehead, chin and neck. Ew, I know. I guess it's from sweat and hormones (another ew) but it's really frustrating. This summer, I searched for a new fix and ended up trying everyday clarifying lotion by Glory for Girls ($12). (After all, I like their natural deodorant already.) I have to say, the red spots on my neck have faded significantly since I started using this lotion just a few days ago. Honestly, it smells kinda bad so I put it on at night before bed -- they recommend once-a-day application -- but in the morning after I wash my face, there's no smell and I have clearer skin. Win-win.

Also, Glory for Girls is a cool brand because their products are all natural, with none of the general bad stuff that some beauty brands use. Plus, their products are packaged in recyclable plastic. Read more about their philosophy, and check out their Love Your Skin beauty tips.