Hear(t) It: Miniature Tigers' "Gold Skull"

Summer's here. You've gotten ready with new dresses, toe-baring shoes and sun-shielding beauty products. Now it's time to put some thought into your Summer Soundtrack. You know, the songs you're going to listen to on repeat while lying out at the beach and on your long road trips to a special destination.

One song you should add to this playlist is Miniature Tigers' dreamy, synth-pop tune "Gold Skull." The Brooklyn-via-Phoenix, AZ band pumps out smart pop songs that will get stuck in your head like a stick of gum to the bottom of a shoe. But, unlike an unwelcome piece of Hubba Bubba, you'll be happy to entertain the infectious musical stylings of the Miniature Tigers. "Gold Skull" is the single off their yet-to-be released debut album Fortress, and just listening to it will make you nostalgic for summer memories not yet made.

Take the track for a trial run at their MySpace page, then download it for free at Stereogum.

Photo credit: Travis Schenider