Rules to Rock By: Book + Soundtrack

Josh Farrar's Rules to Rock By (out June 22) is an indie rock coming-of-age novel about a 12-year-old girl named Annabelle Cabrera who writes her own music, starts her own band -- The Bungles -- and pretty much kicks butt (watch the book trailer here). Bonus: The book has an original soundtrack, and some of the performers include Hunter Lombard, 16, and Sofie Kapur, 16 (of The NowhereNauts) and Justine Skyers, 14. We got to chat with Hunter and Justine about the awesome book-to-soundtrack experience. I Heart Daily: What did you think when heard about this album-plus-book project? Hunter Lombard: I thought it was a really cool way for my band (The NowhereNauts) to get involved. I had no idea then that I would go on to play guitar on half of the record and get to work with some really great people.

IHD: Did you guys help write some of the songs for the album? HL: My band and I wrote "Rock Stars Don't Blush." We tried to think about the situation that Annabelle was in and how we could channel her feelings. That was difficult for us because we were 15, 16, and 17 and were supposed to be writing from the view of a 12-year-old -- there are huge changes in those few years. But as a result, the lyrics are really simply stated and are very straightforward.

IHD: What do you hope readers will take away from the book + album combination? Justine Skyers: I hope that the readers will be inspired to go out there and form their own bands or do something music related. Music does make the world go round!

Yes! Now check out this Bungles video for "Hey Satomi":

PS - You should also watch this video of Hunter talking to Here We Go Magic bassist/guitarist/producer Jen Turner. Topics: What it means to devote your life to your music, and how to tell a random guitar dude to shove it when he thinks you don't know how to tune your own instrument.