Silly Bandz Banned in Schools

You're probably familiar with Silly Bandz. They're the silicone bands that come in all kinds of different shapes -- marine life, hearts, cars, ships, food... really anything you can imagine. You put one (or 25) on your wrist, and it looks like a regular rubber band; you take it off, and all of a sudden it's a dolphin. At only $5 per pack of 24, it's no wonder kids and teens everywhere are collecting them like mad. These "bracelets" are the hottest toy trend around, and, as a result, they are causing quite the problem in school.

From first graders to seniors, Silly Bandz are creating a big distraction with students. Kids play with them, take them off and on, trade with with their friends, and it's driving teachers and school officials crazy. Consequently, Silly Bandz have been banned in several schools.

It's clear that Silly Bandz are just the latest in a never-ending series of toy fads: Garbage Pail Kids and Pokemon cards, jelly bracelets and  Beanie Babies were all phenomenons that eventually faded away. It's true that students shouldn't let some toy interfere with their work, but is it right to completely ban them from school?

Readers, what do you think? Have Silly Bandz been banned in your school? We want to know how you feel -- write to us!