Three Modern Friendship Bracelets

Summer makes me think of camp, and camp makes me think of friendship bracelets. Strings, knots, braids, beads... oh, the glory! Here are three modern takes on the classic friendship bracelet. Give one to your BFF, naturally. Shashi Petit Golden Nugget Bracelet, shopbop ($18, pictured). These good luck charms with gold-plated beads come in nine colors! Plus, they're adjustable for the perfect fit.

Knotted Friendship Bracelets, etsy ($3 for a set of 3). Okay, these are 100 percent old-school, and I cannot resist them. On etsy, you can afford a whole armful of these timeless accessories.

Tomodachi Kimono Friendship Bracelet, Uncommon Goods ($20). Made from vintage kimono fabric, these Japanese designs satisfy the floral trend too.