Affordable, Unique Flip Flops

I know people are already talking about fall fashion, but I'm still waaay into summer. So here's a roundup of silly, crazy, fun flip flops. Because it's always good to have a late-summer pair, just to mix things up. (And don't forget these earth-friendly flip flops we featured last year.) Grendha Starfish Jelly Flip Flop, DSW ($17, pictured). There are some gorgeous (and expensive) jelly flip flops out there, but this pair has all the translucent style, plus cute little starfish accent, without the hefty price tag.

Metallic Flip Flops, GAP ($20, sale). Snag this slim leather pair in silver or bronze for shimmery chic feet.

Watermelon Flops, Fiesta Flops ($25). These are true statement-makers. The statement may be that you're kooky, but there's nothing wrong with that! Celebrate your penchant for fruity shoes.

Lots of styles, Old Navy ($1-5). In all colors of the rainbow or in cute options like Love or Stars or Stripes, Old Navy flops are a classic choice.

PS-Got some old flip flops lying around? Check out Uniqueco, the flip flop recycling company that takes old flops that wash up on the shores of Kenya, Africa (or are donated by you!) and cleans them up, turning them into beads so that they can become new products created by local artisans. Visit their shop for Surfer bracelets ($4.50), Champali bangles ($7) or Kibodo long necklaces ($38).