Circle Lens Contacts are a Bad Idea

Characters in anime cartoons are cute. They're all exaggerated expressions, shiny hair and humongous eyes. I get why people want to mimic their peepers, a la Lady Gaga in the "Bad Romance" video (who says her eyes were altered digitally in that shoot). But lately, the trend of buying Circle Lens contacts that fit over your regular pupils and make your eyes appear cartoonishly large has gotten huge. And it's icky. There's scary stuff tied to to wearing Circle Lenses (which are illegal in the US, by the way). The American Optometric Association warns that buying contacts without a prescription leaves you at risk for conjunctivitis (pink eye!), swelling, allergic reaction and corneal abrasion due to poor lens fit. Um, hi, you had me at pink eye.

This is your vision we're talking about. "Although most fads are harmless, circle lenses have the potential to seriously damage our most precious sense -- our sense of sight," says Dr. Giraldo M. Quintana, OD, of the Beraja Medical Institute in Coral Gables, Florida. All this for big-looking eyes that are trendy and make real girls look like dolls, which is always creepy? So not worth it. Here, try some great mascara instead.