Hamadi Beauty: Organic Hair Wash That Works

I am always on the hunt for a good hair day. It's rare, but increasingly less so since I started using Hamadi Beauty hair wash and conditioner. Founder Jamal Hammadi has been a high-profile hairstylist for years, working on heads like Kirsten Dunst and Naomi Watts, and his line is organic, with high quality essential oils and no artificial ingredients. The Hamadi tagline is, "Tested on Actresses; Never on Animals." So, it looks good on paper, but the more important news is that it also looks good on my hair. I've been using the Ginger Soymilk Hair Wash ($27) + the Shea Rice Milk Conditioner ($24) for a week, and my 'do actually has some new bounce to it. I was skeptical at first, because the "hair wash" (I keep wanting to call it shampoo) doesn't lather a lot, and I'm kind of into bubbles. But my doubts have been cast aside because the end result is so great. You can test out the 2 oz. version ($9) if you're afraid to commit.

I'm tempted to try the Lemon Mint version too (doesn't that sound delicious?). As for my sudsy lather fix, I'm getting it from Dr. Bronner's, which is still my body wash of choice.