Perfumed Bubbles = Magic

The sight of shiny bubbles blowing in the wind makes me believe in magic. Maybe it's something about their iridescent shimmer, or the way they float so effortlessly. In any case, I'm a fan. And now perfumer Francis Kurkdjian has decided to add something to my beloved bubbles: fragrance. His seven-year-old niece served as his muse, and his newest creation is Les Bulles d'Agathe, a line of three scents (cold mint, cut grass and pear, $18 each) that are Just. So. Summer.

I'm not into heavy fragrances, so a little perfume goes a long way. I plan to blow bubbles around my bathroom and then casually bump into a few so that their scent pops onto my skin. Good idea, right?

I love it when beauty becomes a game.