Read It: Three Comedies with Heart

These fun summer novels have a lot of laughs between them. What could be better for an in-the-sun read? Girl Parts by John M. Cusick (Candlewick, out August 10th). This book is about two guys -- one popular and one a loner -- who feel disconnected from the world around them. Enter a Companion bot, a gorgeous redheaded robot named Rose who is supposed to encourage healthy bonds (and you can't get too close to her -- if you cross an intimacy boundary too soon, you get an electric shock). Girl Parts is hilarious and charming, and watching Rose find herself amidst all the tangle of wires and guys is way enjoyable.

Gimme a Call by Sarah Mlynowski (Delacorte). Devi is a high school senior who's spent the last three years going out with Bryan, a guy who recently broke her heart. She drops her cell phone in the mall fountain, and when she fishes it out, she realizes it only calls one person -- herself, back when she was a 14-year-old freshman. After Devi gets over the surprise, she tries to control her younger self so the she can change the future, and the Bryan breakup. Mlynowski writes quick and witty prose, and this book has a perfect light tone with a touch of magic.

What's Your St@tus? by Katie Finn (Scholastic). While I read Finn's first novel, Top 8, I laughed constantly. This one has the potential for even more hilarity (okay, I just started it but I can already tell I love it). Madison MacDonald is the main character, and her "About Me" description reads, "I heart: my friends, old movies, new music, Stubbs lattes. TEAM JACOB! Currently trying to pull together a junior prom. So you know: I update my status a LOT. You've been warned!" I feel like I know this girl -- and isn't it fun to read about your friends?