Super Cute Sun Hats

I used to think that sun hats were for old people (mostly because my mom wore them). But I'm starting to form an affinity for them, as -- surprise, surprise -- they come in quite handy at the beach! I'm headed to the shore next week, and here are a few hats I'm considering taking with me, so I'm not Squinty McSquints A Lot. And guess what? They're all packable, which means you can smush them up, and they'll pop right back into shape! Straw Sun Hat, L.L. Bean ($34, pictured). Here's a cute hat for all occasions -- on the beach or on-the-go. It's lightweight and made of raffia, and also comes in a deep pink color.

Va Va Voom Sun Hat, Sun Grubbies ($38). Look like an Italian movie star in this super wide brimmed, black and white hat. This one will not only shade your face, but your shoulders too!

Columbia Straw Lifeguard Hat, REI ($20). A classic straw hat. Not only stylish, but functional: it has a terry cloth sweatband inside to wick away sweat.

Packable Wide Brim Hat, Coolibar ($30). If you like floppy brims, this is a choice pick. With a UPF of 50 (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), you can sun safely with this atop your noggin.