The Hipstery! Mystery T-Shirts

I like t-shirts. I like surprises. It's as if The Hipstery! Mystery T-Shirts were created just for me. Here's the deal: You pick a size for your tee, then take a checkout quiz to tell The Hipstery's t-shirt scientists about yourself. You place your order, unsure of what will arrive at your door in a few days. Then, they pick the perfect shirt for you -- it costs around $25 and they promise that it's hand selected, no longer available elsewhere and "one of the finest in the known universe." When it arrives, they say you'll like it so much that you'll weep with happiness. They're confident Euro types.

The Hipstery is all about giving up control to the hands of fate, and reveling in the joy of a surprise package. Read their Manifesto here.

I just ordered my mystery shirt. When I get it, I'll update the blog and show it off! I'm excited already.

PS-The Hipstery gives away free t-shirts every week on its Facebook Fan Page. "Like" them for your shot.