The Perfect Beach Accessory: Bhati Beads

Okay, silly bandz are fun, but I'm on to a new obsession for summer: Bhati Beads. Have you ever seen those girls on the beach who somehow have the perfect accessory? I'm not talking about the ones who are dripping in gold and silly stuff (it is the beach after all!). I mean the California-style girls who have just the right bracelet or necklace or anklet, one that's both breezy and eye-catching, but never trying too hard. This is where Bhati Beads come in. They're bracelets (or necklaces or anklets or whatever you want them to be) that consist of a yard of hand-dyed silk, punctuated with a number of beads for a little sparkle. Wrap them around yourself a few times and you have a yard of style to flaunt.

Choose your hue and try this classic silk version with nine brass hardware beads ($36, pictured). Order more than one and wrap your wrist in rainbows. If the brass is too bold, you can try this red-and-coral dyed silk with wooden beads ($36), which is ideal for the hot sand.

Happy Summer!