The Wonders Of Olive Oil

olive oil

The summer has been hard on my feet. Wearing flip flops and sandals for the last few months has exposed my usually foot-model-worthy feet to the elements, and now they're in need of some TLC. But instead of going to the nail salon, I saved myself some money and went the DIY route. The coolest part? Everything I needed was in my kitchen.

Exfoliate. -Olive Oil -Salt or Sugar Tons of big name beauty brands sell their own version of salt and sugar scrubs, but it's super easy to make yourself. Mix the olive oil and salt or sugar together to make a paste. Rub on feet, making sure to pay extra attention to calloused areas. Rinse, pat dry, and helllloooo soft, silky feet. (You can also try using our azuki bean recipe.)

Soften. Cracked heels are not only unsightly, but if not treated, they can also become painful! Here's an easy tip: rub olive oil onto you heels before you go to sleep. Put a pair of socks on to keep in the moisture. After a few nights of doing this, your heels will look as smooth as a baby's bottom.