Website Love: The Beauty Brains

 "Get stronger, more luxurious hair in days!" "Lashes that go on forever..."

"Lip gloss for the most kissable lips!"

These are all things that beauty companies claim their products do. Of course, grandiose exclamations about how _____ will change your life are part and parcel of advertising. How else would brands get us to choose their products? "Hey, this shampoo kind of smells good and won't sting"?

So, who can we really trust for the cold, hard facts? Answer: The Beauty Brains. They're a group of cosmetic scientists who understand how products are made, and what the ingredients do. Coming from a unbiased, scientific point-of-view, they tell the truth about shampoos, dyes, lipsticks and lotions. They discuss how long you really need to leave conditioner in your hair, whether more expensive makeup is better, and if the health warnings about talcum powder have merit.

The questions are answered from different perspectives: the Left Brain (very scientific), the Right Brain (the human interest side of science), and Sarah Bellum (focusing on the aesthetics of cosmetics). The Beauty Brains isn't going to try to sell you anything, which we love. It's just good ole information. On that note, I'm off to read about whether or not cayenne pepper is good for my scalp....